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Fill your jar with taste

Rolling hills, dramatic seascapes, unique skies and painterly colours. Step outside the door of the converted stables where we started Filligan’s high quality jams, chutneys, relishes and oils, and you’re looking at the pure, natural beauty of Ireland’s North-West.

Open a jar of any one of our products and you’ll find something similar: a unique, all-natural, Irish product with no artificial additives, or preservatives.

Bring your taste back to life.

Our Products

We come from a true artisan background. A hand-made product using traditional methods and natural ingredients.

At Filligans we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Reflecting our artisan heritage, every handmade small batch is made with care and passion from the very best ingredients. Our experienced tasters test each one, resulting in memorable flavours. We’re constantly developing new ranges and products, including the very best of contemporary flavours to accompany our traditional favourites.

All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients locally sourced where possible. They’re free from nuts, gluten, preservatives, colouring, artificial flavourings and GMO.

All products are suitable for vegetarians and most are suitable for vegans.


Filligans jams are full of carefully selected fruit, made in the traditional open pan method. With a taste that will bring back memories, each jar of 320g is perfect for scones, hot buttered toast, teacakes and much more.  


From the traditional much-loved Seville orange marmalade to zesty lime marmalade, we have a wide selection of fruity marmalades to suit most palates.

Filligans new Silkie Irish Whiskey marmalade, made in partnership with celebrated local distillery Sliabh Liag, provides a special Donegal flavour to a great-tasting marmalade.

Chutneys and Relishes

Filligans award-winning chutneys and relishes need no introduction. Select from the delicious mixture of fruit and vegetables cooked with spices and sugar, that make up our chutneys, to the more chunky relishes with pleasantly sharp and appetising flavours. Choose from our wide variety to go with cheese, salads, fish, or along with meat or exotic recipes.

Mustards, Dressings and Oils

Make a meal special with the addition of one of Filligans’ mustard, dressings or oils. From the multiple award winning hot yellow mustard, loved by professional and home cooks alike, to our vibrant blueberry dressing, you’ll find a condiment to lift any meal. Alongside our traditional classics like honey and mustard, Filligans also offer exciting new flavours like chilli oil, to provide a flourish of taste to meals, snacks, canapés or cheeseboards.


Is there anything more classical than mint served with a roast leg of lamb? Our mint jelly, a clear bright fruit product, adds a zingy bite to the traditional meal. As well as traditional jellies such as rosemary or apple, there’s also a hotter chilli jelly which would spice up any dish. The jellies, like all Filligans offerings, are made with 100% natural products, free of all preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

Origin Green

With our background as a high quality artisan producer of 100% natural products we have a long-standing commitment to sustainability. We were delighted to receive Origin Green status in 2020. This brings sustainability to the centre of the company’s operations including its relationship with staff, suppliers, customers and the wider community.

For more information see origingreen.ie


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